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“After years of avoiding what I suspected would be major but necessary dental work, I was referred to Dr. Mark A. Tromblay, who recommended, after a very thorough examination and consultation, a complete implant bridge reconstruction for me. From that very first consultation, I felt totally secure in his hands, and that feeling did not wane for one moment throughout the entire process, which was completed approximately eighteen (18) months later. Moreover, I am genuinely delighted with the results — I truly am! Dr. Tromblay is top shelf — as is his entire staff!”

— Ed F.

“Dr. Tromblay is a miracle worker. My teeth required serious work, but he went out of his way to explain everything every step of the way and made me feel very comfortable during every procedure. He has incredible attention to detail, and he crafted the perfect veneers for me. And best of all, I had absolutely no pain. If I had the chance to go back and do it again, I would do so without any hesitation. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Tromblay to everyone.”

— M.S.

“Having completed treatment for full implant reconstruction, I have regained functionality and enjoy the benefits of having greatly improved my appearance through the professional effort of Dr. Tromblay. The doctor designed and professionally completed the implant system that provides stability and performance beyond expectations. A great professional, great support personnel, and a well-managed practice.”

— Ron T.

“Hey, Dr. Slate and Dr. Tromblay,

“I wanted to thank you again for getting me in for this morning’s appointment. I’m not sure if you realize this, but I’ll mention it anyway. The way I was communicated with today by both of you as well as the staff was unprecedented for me as a patient at ANY care facility. Please let me clarify. I’m talking about any doctor’s office, hospital, emergency room, or Friday dental practice.

“I could tell right from the greeting I received when I walked in that something was going to be different ... and it was!

“Dr. Slate, you walked me through every step. You showed incredible patience and compassion. You sensed that I was very concerned about the procedure and you were right! However, you really assisted me in coping with my uncertainty by helping me understand each step, by taking the time to share the potential outcomes.

“Dr. Tromblay, when you came in to introduce yourself I thought ‘oh, that’s nice that he would pop in to say hello.’ I assumed that was the last time you would be involved. However, when you came in and essentially gave me a similar rundown of the situation, it gave me even more confidence. You two were on the same page every time. I needed that as a bit of a jittery patient!

“The teamwork I saw between Gloria and Dr. Slate was great. When she told me she loved the practice and that she had been there 30 years I was astounded! What a great lady, and what a great testament to the practice!! Of course, to have the two of you take time to confer during the procedure was fantastic.

“In any event, thank you and please share with the others that I thought they were great as well!”

— Donald ‘Dusty’ Whitesell

“I have been a patient of Dr. Tromblay since 2005.  When I first met with Dr. Tromblay, he was the only dentist in my life that actually sat down with me and asked how I felt about my teeth. I expressed my concerns that even after spending a lot of money, my teeth never seemed to get better and I had come to dread going to the dentist, both emotionally and financially. After our meeting, Mark presented me with a plan to finally correct my dental challenges. The plan was reasonable and he explained every detail to me in plain English.

“Fast forward to 2016 and I now have teeth that no longer cause me problems, and a dentist who I trust and who has alleviated the emotional dread. My visits are now routine. Mark has a tremendous chairside manner and never fails to take the time to explain what he is doing. Additionally, he is meticulous in his work and conservative in his treatments. On several occasions he spotted very small issues and treated them before they could become a serious and costly problem.

“I have referred coworkers, friends and family members to Mark. He along with his staff make going to the dentist a non-event!”

— Erik G.

American Dental Association Academy of General Dentistry District of Columbia Dental Society Academy of Osseointegration
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